Psychotherapy and support for children, teens, adults and families.                             

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner                                                 

Integrative Supervisor for other therapists

Psychotherapy is a partnership. where committed clients will meet personal goals and make desired life changes.  Individual, family, and group therapy are offered for a wide range of presenting problems and goals, including:


Attention problems

Relationship difficulties


Child behavior concerns

Self-esteem building


Social skills development

Goal setting & achievement

Eating issues


Motivation issues

Substance abuse

Stress management

Healthy decision making

Self-injurious behavior

Anger management

Grief & loss



By bringing the less conscious aspects into the therapeutic relationship, beliefs and assumptions about the self can be thought about and assessed. This can bring about deeper change and more freedom to behave and relate more authentically with others. This can be done using Gestalt therapy or EFT or both depending on the person.         


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